Frequently Asked Questions

Key Information

1. About the Event
2. Getting There


1. Is there an age requirement for the activities?
2. Do I need to reserve a slot of activities?
3. Are there physical counters for booking on ground?
4. How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
5. Are masks required?
6. Will there be Island Admission charges?


1. I can’t attend the booked activities / workshops, can I pass my tickets to my family/friends or change the booking date?
2. Do I need to show a hardcopy of my reservation?
3. Must my group member(s) be present before we are allowed entry?
4. What time am I allowed entry?
5. Will I be able to rent or purchase Yoga mats at the event?
6. Is the event ground accessible for wheelchairs or prams?
7. Is the event ground accessible for wheelchairs or prams?

Food and Beverage

1. Can I bring food and beverages purchased from elsewhere into the event premises?
2. Will there be sale of food and beverages in the event premises?
3. Will there be alcohol sold in the event premises?
4. Will there be any Halal-certified food options available?
5. Will there be any water stations?


1. Are pets allowed on the premises of the event?
2. Islander Membership
3. Mastercard® Promotions

Discovery Walk

1. About the Discovery Walk
2. How do I get to the flag-off location?
3. About the route

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