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The Way to Wellness
Kult Studio and Gallery, National Arts Council, National Heritage Board
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Embark on a transformative 3-part journey with the FeelWELL experience at this festival. The journey begins in Tunnel C, where a deconstructed zen garden brings a sense of calm and introspection. An introduction to a world of calming visuals, soundscape, and mindfulness to come. In Tunnel B, thought-provoking installations encourage visitors to ponder about their wellness lifestyle and tap into their inner strength for change. The final phase of the journey takes place in the colourful Tunnel A. Where interactive installations invite visitors to commit to prioritising a specific area of wellness beyond Sentosa. Leaving visitors renewed and ready to embrace a more colourful lifestyle.


Throughout each tunnel, visitors will also get to experience the marvels of Charlene Shepherdson's literary works. Where visitors can bask in a series of narratives and poems created by Charlene.


These art installations are jointly brought to you by Kult Studio and Gallery, National Arts Council and National Heritage Board. 

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10 June to 25 June daily. From 10am to 6pm

The Way to Wellness
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Fort Siloso, Tunnels A, B & C

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